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Make Baby Sock Roses For You Diaper Cake or Corsage

It's not hard to make baby sock roses. They're cute. They're fun. So why not make some today?

Baby sock roses would also make a nice baby shower party favor for your guests too.

How to Make Baby Sock Roses

Items Needed For 1 Rose:
  • 1 Newborn sock
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Silk leaves (optional)
  • Ribbon for a bow (optional)


  1. Starting at the toe of the sock, roll it up until you reach the heel.
  2. Flip the cuff of the sock over and around the rolled portion to enclose it. The rolled part becomes the center of the rose, and the cuff becomes the outside of the rose.
  3. Cut a piece of florist wire and insert it through the bottom of the rose. Try to push it through all off the layers so the rose won't come apart.
  4. Twist the two wire ends around each other until you have one piece. This becomes your stem.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the wire, wrap up the stem with floral tape, adding silk leaves along the way.
  6. Stop wrapping when you reach the bottom of the rose.
  7. You can wrap several roses together for a corsage or for decorating your diaper cake.

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